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    Optical Crystal Glass for Beauty Equipment Prism

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ipl beauty equipments for glass crystal light guide 

Descriptions of light guide 

light guide is used for Hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and certain procedures like birth mark removal.

light guides are the key optical elements for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machine, which
filters the UV wave and reserve the useful wave from 400nm to 1200nm for cosmetic laser, such 
as hair removal, vascular and acne treatment.

Available wavelength:   480 to 1200nm, 530 to 1200nm, 560 to 1200nm, 590 to 1200nm, 610 to 1200nm, 640 to 1200nm, 690 to 1200nm, 755 to 1200nm, 780 to 1200 nm.

ipl beauty equipments for glass crystal light guide

SpecificationsOptical ipl E-light light guide bk7 prism
Dimension Tolerance+/-0.1mm
Clear Aperture>95%
Surface Quality40/20
Wavefront Distortion1/2 wave at 632nm
Bevel<0.25mm x45°
Shippinginternational express(Ups, FedEx, TNT, etc)

Note: We provide a wide variety of custom design IPL Products upon request
1,Custom Size is available upon request
2,Custom coated wavelength is available upon request
3,Custom made mounter for the IPL Products is available



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