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    Fused Silica Cover Slides D21.5 T2 for Precitec ProCutter P0588-1022-00001

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    2019-01-22 17:06:15

Nd Yag 1064nm Fibre Laser Lens Laser Cutting Machine Lens with AR Coating


We offer cover slides for your Fiber and YAG lasers. These optics are also known as cover glass, debris window, debris shield, and protective window and are available in various shapes and sizes.
Cover slides can, at a fraction of the cost, substantially increase the lifetime of expensive lenses.
We can also provide lenses for your Fiber and YAG lasers.  

 We can customize your products according to your requirements


Specification for  Lens for laser cutting machine

MaterialFused silica
Design Wavelength1064nm
Diameter Tolerance-0.1mm for Dia, ±0.1mm for thickness

Paraxial Focus Length±2%

Centration<3 arc minutes

Clear Aperture->85%

Surface Quality40/20 scratch and dig or better

CoatingsAntireflection coatings @ 1064nm


HS25.4-5Fused SilicaRound25.45AR1064nm
HS26.5-5Fused SilicaRound26.55AR1064nm
HS27-2Fused SilicaRound272AR1064nm
HS28-4Fused SilicaRound284AR1064nm
HS30-1.5Fused SilicaRound301.5AR1064nm
HS30-3Fused SilicaRound303AR1064nm
HS30-5Fused SilicaRound305AR1064nm
HS32-4Fused SilicaRound324AR1064nm
HS34-3Fused SilicaRound343AR1064nm
HS35-1.5Fused SilicaRound351.5AR1064nm
HS36-5Fused SilicaRound365AR1064nm
HS37-7Fused SilicaRound377AR1064nm
HS38-1.5Fused SilicaRound381.5AR1064nm
HS40-3Fused SilicaRound403AR1064nm
HS40-4Fused SilicaRound404AR1064nm
HS42-9Fused SilicaRound429AR1064nm
HS48-3Fused SilicaRound483AR1064nm
HS50-2Fused SilicaRound502AR1064nm
HS55-1.5Fused SilicaRound551.5AR1064nm
HS96-3Fused SilicaRound963AR1064nm
HS120-5Fused SilicaRound1205AR1064nm
HS134-3Fused SilicaRound1343AR1064nm
HS145-3Fused SilicaRound1453AR1064nm




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