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  • What are the common raw materials for making UV quartz lens?

    2020-05-15 14:10:33
    When making LED lens, it must be inseparable from the raw materials it needs to choose. Now let's share with you what raw materials are common in the production of LED lens?
  • The manufacture of optical filter needs advanced optical and chemical knowledge

    2020-05-08 11:30:00
    For the cutting of the mechanical and electrical industry, the optical filter laser cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting of thin plates below 8mm. For some medium and thick plates with high dimensional accuracy and quality requirements, laser cutting can also be used, which is mainly due to the high dimensional accuracy of laser cutting, small cutting heat affected area, and many processing advantages:
  • Never use naked fingers to install the lens of optical filter

    2020-05-01 15:18:12
    When the laser cuts the material, the working surface will release a lot of gas and splashes, which will cause damage to the lens. When the pollutant falls on the surface of the lens, it will absorb energy from the laser beam, resulting in the thermal lens effect. If the lens has not formed thermal stress, the operator can disassemble it and clean it. In the process of lens installation and cleaning, any point of sticking, even the nail has been printed with oil drops, will increase the absorption rate of lens and reduce the service life. For example, the following precautions must be taken for daily operation of laser lens:
  • What should we pay attention to in cleaning and maintenance of laser lens?

    2020-04-24 15:13:44
    Laser cutting machine enterprises need to step out of the price competition and turn to cultivate their internal skills. It focuses on the optimization of product structure, the improvement of product quality, the mastery and innovation of core technology and the expansion of brand influence. Of course, this series of changes require more capital investment from enterprises. For this, laser cutting machine enterprises also need to make a scientific prediction of the future input-output ratio according to their own situation, so as to selectively invest and gradually transition.
  • After fine grinding of optical laser lens with abrasive solution

    2020-04-17 16:00:46
    After the optical laser lens is finely ground by the abrasive solution, there is a crack layer about 2-3m thick on its surface. The method to eliminate the crack layer is polishing. The polishing and grinding mechanism are the same, except that the tool material used is different from the polishing fluid. The materials used for polishing include cloth, polyurethane and pitch. Generally, high-precision polishing surface is required, and the commonly used material is high-grade polishing asphalt. The use of asphalt to polish is to drive the polishing solution to grind the surface of the lens to generate heat through the fine surface of asphalt, so as to melt and flow the glass, melt away the rough vertices and fill the valley bottom of the crack, and gradually remove the crack layer.
  • Application of optical filter in optical engineering

    2020-04-10 11:30:33
    In the practical application of optical engineering, not all the places that need band-pass filter are narrower, the better. There is also a part that needs wide-band filter. The so-called band-pass filter is one of many kinds of filters. Filter is a kind of filter that separates a band of monochromatic light from composite light.
  • What are the functions of all kinds of optical filters in use?

    2020-04-03 14:45:24
    3D pixel is composed of laser and moving lens. The lens can reflect laser from left to right, and the image can be reflected in different directions during laser moving. In order to experience the 3D effect, the audience needs to be within a certain distance from the screen. If it's too far away, it's like watching a 2D screen. There are only two angles of images for the 3D films that need glasses in the cinema. The newly invented 3D screen can present hundreds of images from different angles at the same time, and the audience is like being in the real world.
  • The pollution of laser lens will have a serious impact on laser output power

    2020-03-27 10:29:14
    The environment of optics in our country was very difficult at the beginning of its business. By the early 1960s, life was more difficult, and the task of scientific research was very heavy, but our researchers did not complain. At that time, scientific research conditions were poor, everything was done by ourselves, self-reliance, starting from scratch, but this was also a training.
  • Narrow band filter, optical filter and optical industry give more cognition and perception to the world

    2020-03-20 16:51:29
    With the rise of modern building using glass curtain wall, the decoration of coated glass makes the building colorful, bright and generous, and has the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction. These advantages are widely recognized, but it has attracted a series of problems such as "light pollution" and safety of curtain wall glass, among which the safety has attracted much attention!
  • What technical conditions do qualified laser lenses need to meet?

    2020-03-13 16:11:52
    The spectral characteristics of optical filters depend on the band-pass range (half peak and full peak width). In the measurement of color density, the product of the effective spectral sensitivity on the optical path of the densitometer (it is equal to the product of the relative spectral sensitivity SR of the sensor and the transmittance of the measuring filter) and the relative spectral distribution function s of the light source should conform to the standard, in which the spectral radiation of the light source is the standard.
  • The main scene always stands out because of the use of optical filters

    2020-03-06 14:11:37
    The laser lens is made of glass, which is easy to break. So the probability of laser tube rupture is relatively large. How to distinguish the responsibility of the manufacturer or the user when the laser tube breaks? At this time, we need to focus on observing what the laser tube looks like when it is broken. If it is very broken and very open, or it has several sections directly, we don't need to think about the responsibility of the manufacturer. We can be sure that the laser tube will burst when the temperature is too high. You can understand that it will burst after the internal expansion. The reason for the expansion is that there is air in the laser tube, and there is a problem in the water-cooling cycle, so the laser tube is not cooled in time, resulting in the physical effect of thermal expansion and cold contraction of the laser tube.
  • What are the practical applications of optical filters in optical engineering?

    2020-02-28 14:53:57
    In the practical application of optical engineering, not all the places that need band-pass filter are narrower, the better. There is also a part that needs wide-band filter. The so-called band-pass filter is one of many kinds of filters. Filter is a kind of filter that separates a band of monochromatic light from composite light. It has a symmetrical distribution of light transmittance curve and a large transmittance at the center wavelength. At the half of the peak transmittance, the wavelength spacing △ λ of the two symmetrical points on the transmittance curve is the bandpass half width of the filter. It is divided into narrowband filter and wideband filter. It can be used to eliminate the overlap of grating spectral level in spectrograph.
  • Many of the functions of optical filters are widely used in photography

    2020-02-21 11:04:50
    Generally, the preparation technology of thin film determines that the thin film has a columnar microstructure, which makes a certain gap in the film and causes the instability of optical and mechanical properties of the thin film device. Therefore, various environmental tests must be carried out for some thin films used in special environment.
  • Prevention of Laser Spot nevus on the face of beauty instrument lens

    2020-02-14 11:23:06
    Moles on the face have always been a problem for women. It's a pity to have more moles on the white skin, especially when it appears on the face, it always makes people feel uncomfortable. It's inevitable to order moles. At present, the effective way to remove nevus is laser spot.
  • Coating target is the core technology in the application of band-pass filter materials

    2020-01-17 15:27:23
    Most of the raw materials of filter coating materials are rare metals with very small reserves. With the development of science and technology, the demand of these rare metals has been bullish for a long time. With the continuous promotion of coating technology, the application field of filter technology is also expanding. These metals with excellent physical properties will bring more highlights to our lives with the improvement of our living standards. In the process of filter coating, a transparent electrolyte film or a metal film is coated on the surface of the material by physical or chemical methods, in order to change the reflection and transmission characteristics of the surface of the material. Filter is based on the principle of optical interference. In the visible and infrared band, the reflectivity is between 78-98%, so as to achieve the transmittance. Filter technology has always been an important basic technology in the optical field.
  • The development of industrial laser lens market is vigorous

    2020-01-10 16:31:48
    The development of industrial laser lens market is vigorous, and it is in a stable growth trend. Even in the period of global economic downturn, the industrial laser market still maintained the growth momentum.
  • Laser lens image beam laser is a new development of beauty laser in recent years

    2020-01-03 16:55:11
    High tech medical whitening methods can make women's skin white in a short time, or restore the previous white, tender and beautiful. It is more effective than general cosmetics, but also can accurately improve a certain defect of the skin. Big s revealed in the book that this new beauty method has become a beauty trend, almost no female star does not touch high-tech beauty!
  • Do not place the laser lens on a rough or hard surface

    2019-12-27 15:00:00
    Shake the polishing paste, pour 4-5 drops onto the cotton ball, and then gently move the lens in a circular manner. Do not press the cotton ball down, the weight of the cotton ball is enough. If too much pressure is applied, the polishing paste will scratch the surface soon. Turn the lens frequently to avoid over polishing in one direction. The polishing time shall be controlled within 30 seconds. At any time, if the color changes, immediately stop polishing, indicating that the outer part of the film is being corroded.
  • The development of optical filters and optical instruments is inseparable

    2019-12-20 17:27:59
    An inorganic glassy material that transmits light by refraction, reflection, transmission or changes the intensity or spectral distribution of light by absorption is called optical glass. It has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity. Optical glass has high transparency, high uniformity in chemistry and Physics (structure and performance), and specific and accurate optical constants. It can be divided into silicate, borate, phosphate, fluoride and chalcogenide series. There are many kinds of them, mainly according to their positions in the refractive index (nd) - Abbe value (VD) map. Traditionally, all kinds of glasses with Nd > 1.60, VD > 50 and nd < 1.60, VD > 55 are classified as crown (k) glass, and the rest as flint (f) glass. Crown glass is generally used as convex lens and flint glass as concave lens.
  • New reforms often put forward new requirements for optical filters

    2019-12-13 16:49:06
    The development of optical filter and optical glass is inseparable. The new reform of optical system often puts forward new requirements for optical lens, which promotes the development of optical lens. In the same way, the success of trial production of new types of lenses often promotes the development of optical glass.
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