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The selection of high-quality quartz glass is of great significance for the development of the test
2021-10-08 09:17:43

Quartz glass is an amorphous material with a single component of silica. Its microstructure is a simple network composed of tetrahedral structural units of silica. Due to the large Si-O chemical bond energy and tight structure, quartz glass has unique properties, especially the optical properties of transparent quartz glass, It has excellent transmittance in the continuous wavelength range of ultraviolet to infrared radiation.

Quartz glass is made by melting natural crystalline quartz (crystal or pure silica) or synthetic silane at high temperature. The melted product has good processing performance. In the high viscosity range, the tube and rod can be hot processed like ordinary glass fine work, and the abrasive tools made of diamond or silicon carbide can also be used for high-speed machining, so as to make various instruments and special products with complex shapes. The performance of quartz glass mainly depends on its purity, followed by the process or thermal system. The existence of trace impurities will have a significant impact on the service performance of quartz glass; At the same time, due to the slight negligence of the process or thermal system, it will bring a variety of defects to the appearance quality and produce a large number of waste products.

quartz glass

Quartz glass tube is a common container in the laboratory. It is mainly used to hold liquid, which can bring great convenience to the test. The selection of high-quality quartz glass is of great significance for the development of the test. Then, what kind of quartz glass tube is high-quality?

There are many quartz glass tubes on the market. When we buy them, we focus on the purity of the products. The purity determines the performance of the products. This is because the purity will affect the physical and chemical properties and application performance of the product. If the purity is not high, the product may have one or another problems, and the service life can not be guaranteed.

Therefore, we must choose according to the product quality. We can't blindly believe some advertisements of manufacturers. The preferential policies introduced by some manufacturers are indeed right and wrong and often attractive, but the quality of cheap products is certainly not guaranteed. It is suggested that we choose high-quality products after more comparison and observation.

We should also be reminded that if we want to make the quartz glass tube play a full role, we should also pay attention to the correct use. Improper operation will affect its application performance and even damage the quartz tube. It is necessary to carry out the operation according to the correct procedures, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment, which is conducive to extending its service life.


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