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Quartz lenses should be placed on soft surfaces when not in use
2021-08-13 16:49:08

Precautions for use of quartz lens.

1. When wearing finger covers, there are acid, salt and other substances that are easy to corrode the glass surface. If you directly touch the optical lens by hand, it will cause imprints on the optical lens. If you don't wipe it for a long time, it may become permanent spots and affect the imaging quality of optical elements.

2. Handle with care. Many optical lenses are glass products, which are easy to bruise, collapse and scratch. Take the edge of the lens, do not directly contact the light transmission surface, even if you wear finger covers.

Quartz lens

3. When not in use, it should be placed on the surface of soft objects, and the bare pieces cannot be directly placed on glass, metal, desktop or unclean paper, so the lenses are very easy to scratch.

4. If there is dust on the lens surface, blow it off with a clean ear ball.

5. If there are stains or sweat stains, gently scrub with mirror paper or silk cloth dipped in alcohol or acetone.

6. During preservation, it shall be packed with clean capacitor paper or mirror cleaning paper, and placed in an environment with moderate temperature (about 23 ℃) and humidity (below 40%), and in a drying cabinet if possible.

7. Optical lenses shall not be stacked together, and each lens shall not be overlapped.

8. Once dirty, clean it immediately, but pay attention to prevent scratches. Dust can easily scratch the lens.


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