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  • Although quartz glass has high thermal stability

    2022-05-06 17:24:21
    The use of quartz glass instrument needs to be cherished. Valuable materials such as it cannot be treated with "violence", otherwise it will only be destroyed.
  • Optical filter is an optical device used to select the required radiation band

    2022-04-29 17:21:42
    Glass that can change the propagation direction of light and the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light. In a narrow sense, optical glass refers to colorless optical glass; In a broad sense, optical glass also includes colored optical glass, laser glass, quartz optical glass, anti radiation glass, ultraviolet infrared optical glass, fiber optical glass, acoustooptic glass, magneto-optical glass and photochromic glass. Optical glass can be used to manufacture lenses, prisms, mirrors and windows in optical instruments. The components composed of optical glass are the key components in optical instruments.
  • Precautions for deep processing of quartz glass

    2022-04-22 16:50:20
    The deep processing of quartz glass refers to the processing of quartz glass raw materials (tubular, rod, sheet and block) into quartz devices required by users. The processing methods are divided into cold processing and hot processing. Cold working mainly includes cutting, grinding and polishing.
  • The performance of quartz glass mainly depends on its purity

    2022-04-15 14:50:09
    The resistance value of quartz glass is 10000 times that of ordinary glass. It is an excellent electrical insulation material and has good electrical properties even at high temperature. Because of the above excellent physical and chemical properties, quartz glass is widely used in electric light source, semiconductor, optical communication, military industry, metallurgy, building materials, chemistry, machinery, electric power, environmental protection and other fields.
  • Why does quartz glass have crystallization?

    2022-04-08 18:47:05
    The formation of quartz glass is caused by the high viscosity of its melt at high temperature. It is widely used in the production of semiconductors, electro-optic sources, semiconducting communication devices, lasers, optical instruments, laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipment, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant chemical instruments, chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, building materials, national defense and other industries.
  • Precision and ultra precision machining technology of quartz glass components

    2022-04-01 16:51:10
    Optical filter as far as optical lens is concerned, the filter on it is generally coated, which allows part of the light to pass through or hinders part of the light to pass through through through a special film. Now there is also a kind of bimodal filter, that is, dual channel coating, which is coated with two layers of film on a lens, so as to achieve the effect of two kinds of filters, such as ir650 + 950, which can allow 650nm visible light to enter during the day, At night, infrared light with a wavelength of 950nm can enter, but the two do not affect each other.
  • Quartz glass is suitable for the manufacture of environmental protection light source

    2022-03-25 20:21:35
    Quartz glass includes various specifications of transparent, pearlescent, UV, UV sterilization and other quartz tubes and double hole quartz tubes. The diameter range is 1.5-180mm, the wall thickness range is 0.5-8mm, and the length is 10-3000mm. The SiO2 of ordinary continuous melting tube is more than 99.6%, the geometric size, chemical stability, thermal stability, thermal denaturation resistance and crystallization resistance are excellent, and the optical transmittance is more than 93%; The hydroxyl of the dehydroxylation tube is less than 10ppm. After vacuum dehydroxylation, the hydroxyl can be less than 5ppm.
  • The expansion and contraction curves of quartz glass are congruent

    2022-03-18 17:09:20
    Quartz glass is a special industrial glass made of silica. It is a very excellent material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties: 1. High temperature resistance.
  • How to make quartz glass tube play a full role

    2022-03-11 09:19:35
    Quartz glass is an amorphous material with a single component of silicon dioxide. Its microstructure is a simple network composed of silicon dioxide tetrahedral structural units. Due to the large chemical bond energy of Si-O and compact structure, quartz glass has unique properties, especially the optical properties of transparent quartz glass are very excellent, It has excellent transmittance in the continuous wavelength range of ultraviolet to infrared radiation.
  • Differences between optical glass and other glass

    2022-03-04 19:30:36
    The difference between optical glass and other glasses is that as an integral part of optical system, it must meet the requirements of optical imaging. Therefore, the judgment of optical glass quality also includes some special and strict indexes. At present, optical glass lens molding technology has been used to mass produce precision spherical and aspheric lenses.
  • Main processes of cold working of optical glass

    2022-02-25 10:29:14
    Generally, it includes cleaning before inking, cleaning before bonding and cleaning before assembly. Cleaning before bonding (bonding refers to a process in which two lenses are bonded into a specified shape with photosensitive adhesive to meet the requirements of one-time processing and molding
  • Quartz glass can withstand very high temperatures

    2022-02-18 16:25:55
    The main components of ordinary glass are sodium silicate, silicon dioxide and calcium silicate.
  • Optical lenses must be coated with anti-wear film before being coated with antireflection film

    2022-02-11 16:21:20
    The anti-wear film began in the early 1970s. At that time, it was considered that optical lenses were not easy to grind because of their high hardness, while organic lenses were too soft and easy to wear. Therefore, the quartz material is plated on the surface of the organic lens under vacuum to form a very hard anti-wear film. However, due to the mismatch between its thermal expansion coefficient and the sheet base material, it is easy to remove the film and embrittlement of the film, so the anti-wear effect is not ideal.
  • What are the excellent optical properties of quartz glass?

    2022-01-21 16:34:39
    Quartz glass has excellent electrical performance. At room temperature, its resistance is equivalent to 10 times that of ordinary glass. The dielectric loss of all frequencies is very small and the insulation withstand voltage strength is large. Quartz glass is mainly used in electric light source, semiconductor, new optical technology and so on.
  • Application of quartz glass in semiconductor industrial equipment

    2022-01-14 20:43:44
    The use temperature of quartz glass in semiconductor industrial equipment is often in the high temperature state of 1000 ℃ to 1300 ℃. In this state, the devitrification phenomenon occurs due to the attachment of impurities. The devitrification part is the crystallization of quartz, and the devitrification point is 275 ℃.
  • Quartz glass is widely used in lenses of optical instruments

    2022-01-07 16:15:14
    There are many kinds of glass, one of which is optical glass, which can change the propagation direction of light. It is widely used in lenses and prisms of optical instruments. Optical glass must meet the requirements of optical imaging. It is no higher than ordinary glass and has higher requirements for the quality of optical glass. For qualified optical glass, it shall meet the following requirements.
  • Learn that optical lenses are polished with asphalt

    2021-12-31 15:18:38
    The optical lens is polished with asphalt. The fine surface of asphalt drives the polishing liquid to grind the lens surface to generate heat, so that the glass melts and flows, melts the rough vertices
  • Excellent properties of quartz glass in application

    2021-12-24 17:03:39
    The excellent properties of quartz glass, such as thermal stability and chemical stability, make it a candidate material for many high-end applications. Nanoscribe Based on the patented two-photon polymerization technology, GP silica photoresist and its micromachining system are used for printing and heat treatment. When the temperature reaches 600 ℃, the polymer adhesive is discharged, and then when it reaches 1300 ℃, silica nanoparticles are sintered and formed, and the volume of parts is reduced, showing the three-dimensional microstructure of pure fused silica glass.
  • JGS1 quartz glass has excellent optical properties

    2021-12-17 16:20:04
    JGS1 quartz glass is made of silica containing substances such as crystals and silica. Silicon oxide melts at high temperature. Its silica content is much higher than that of ordinary glass. JGS1 quartz glass has excellent optical properties, not only excellent visible light transmittance, but also ultraviolet and infrared light transmittance.
  • What are the advantages of quartz glass in application?

    2021-12-10 17:15:02
    Quartz glass is widely used in aerospace, energy, optoelectronics, chemical industry and other fields because of its high purity, good stability, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and heat shock resistance. The precision and ultra precision machining technology of quartz glass components has become an important research direction in the field of advanced manufacturing technology. Quartz glass is a hard and brittle material with poor machinability.
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