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How to prolong the service life of color filter in laser equipment
2021-08-06 17:31:41

Ensure the processing quality of laser equipment and prolong the service life of color filter of laser equipment. Please maintain and cherish the equipment!

The following are suggestions for the circulating water used by the laser water cooler:

1. Good circulating water is deionized water and distilled water. The water contains less impurities and the waterway system is not easy to get dirty, but the price is expensive and can be used according to the actual situation of the company.

2. Generally speaking, we recommend using purified water with better quality, which can meet the needs of equipment and is economical. However, Xiaobian saw some online data that mineral water can be used, which reminds us that we should not use mineral water, because mineral water contains many metal elements, which exist in the form of ions. After water absorbs heat, they will combine into compounds, which will condense on the surface of the laser and affect the quality of the beam.

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3. The replacement cycle of laser cooling water is once every 1-2 months. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the internal cooling water shall be drained.

Before using the light source, the light generated by the color separation filter is perceived to be a highly saturated (strong) color. Despite the high cost, this filter is a popular architecture and stage application.

For the rear light source, the dichroic mirror usually reflects the visible light forward and allows the invisible infrared light (radiant heat) to be transmitted out of the rear of the fixture, so that the beam is considered as a literal cooler (lower heating temperature). Such an arrangement allows a given light to significantly improve its forward intensity while allowing heat generated by the backward part escaping through the fixing device. Many quartz halogen bulbs have an integrated dichroic reflector for this purpose, which was originally designed for slide projectors to avoid melting slides, but now it is widely used in indoor, household and commercial lighting. This improves whiteness by removing excess red; However, it brings serious fire hazards. If it is used in recessed or closed lamps, infrared radiation is allowed to these lamps. Non cold beam lamps for these applications must be used.

Optical filters are an important observation aid that every planetary astronomer should have. The filter helps to overcome the deterioration of atmospheric scattering image caused by light, allows light to be separated from different levels in the planetary atmosphere, improves the tonal contrast between regions of different colors, and reduces the irradiation in the observer's eyes. All these factors increase the clarity of detail seen in the atmospheres of the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, as well as on the surfaces of the moon and Mars.

Planetary observation has greatly improved the clarity of telescope images of the moon and planets. When using filters will not eliminate the optical defects of the telescope, they will help improve the clarity of the image even in bad systems.


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