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  • What Are The Types And Characteristics Of Optical Lens Filters?

    2019-04-11 14:04:03
    The main feature of filters is that they can be quite large.The film filter is divided into two types: the film absorption filter and the film interference filter.The former is a chemical etching on a specific material substrate so that the absorption line is located at the desired wavelength.Generally through the longer wavelength, more used as an infrared filter.The latter is in a certain film base, with vacuum coating method alternately formed with a certain thickness of high refractive index or low refractive index of metal-dielectric - metal film, or the full dielectric film, constitute a low-level, multi-stage series solid fabry-perot interferometer.Choice of film material, thickness, or series type is determined by the desired central wavelength or transmission bandwidth lambda.
  • The Domestic Optical Laser Lens Market Mainly Includes Industry Equipment

    2019-04-11 14:03:26
    As a new type of light source, laser has the characteristics of good directivity, high brightness, good monochromatism and high energy density.The laser industry based on laser has developed rapidly in the world, and is now widely used in industrial production, communication, information processing, medical and health care, military, cultural education and scientific research.The market for laser-related products and services is estimated to be worth trillions of dollars a year, from high-end fiber optics to common barcode scanners.


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